A picture paints a thousand words…


Ok, maybe not a thousand words are coming to mind, but this evocative image certainly brings up a good few!  I can relate to this illustration because my mind needs seduction before my body follows suit.

This is going to come across as big headed so I will preempt it by saying that within my self doubt I look in the mirror and don’t see anything worth writing home about.  In fact, I’ve always thought I’ve had boyish features.  However, I have found that I can clean up well in an emergency and that some men do find me attractive.  Some of these men give me compliments, and while I’m hugely flattered, I feel they can’t see beyond the makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel we need to be physically attracted to those we hope to get close to, but as the George Bernard Shaw quote goes “Beauty is all very well at first sight; but who ever looks at it when it has been in the house three days?”.

For me physical attraction is like an appetiser.  It makes me giddy to know a chap finds me appealing.  But I don’t want to stay on the appetiser course, I want to have my mains so I can connect on an intellectual level.  That doesn’t mean I expect him or me to be the brain of Britain; I’m not looking for a fellow teammate for University Challenge.  But I want to know more about how he ticks and to find some common ground.  Do we have similar interests or sense of humour?  Do we share similar experiences of our younger years in where we lived or how we grew up?  Do we relate to each other’s fears or dreams?  Does he collect quotes, like bluebells, or sing in the car?

I also crave to spend time doing the everyday things to get to know him better.  Going for a walk, making a meal, playing a board game, or just sitting in a pub chatting are all captivating for me.

It’s all these cerebral bits that increase the desire within me.  When my mind is stimulated then I’m ready for the dessert course, hopefully a trolley laden with lots of sweet dishes!


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