I think therefore I quote…

Today I had a mishap.  I lost some virtual notes which I can’t recover.  The notes in question were writing ideas plus quotes.  I collect quotes.  Occasionally I even think of something profound on my own and add it to the list.  I’m quite proud of myself when I do this as my quotes are in good company of the great and good quoters of our times.  I’m passionate about quotes like some are about football or shoes.  Whenever I come across a quote that really speaks to me I add it to my list.  Sometimes I’ll come across a quote when I’m feeling down so looking for solace, while other times I’ll be feeling motivated so looking for inspiration.  The quotes I collect can be from any author, from any era, or about any subject.  The common theme is they all speak to me in some way.

I have quotes for love, sadness, depression, inspiration, humour, and friendship, to name but a few.  While not good at remembering and recalling quotes, I keep my list handy so I can draw on it whenever I’m in need of something to help me in any given situation.  I refer to my list when writing a condolence card, impressing a prospective beau on a dating site, or sending a cheery email to a friend who’s had a bad day at work.

I’m a very sentimental being.  Quotes are like children.  The ones written by others are like adoptive children created by someone else but still cherished by me.  The ones I write are a product of my nurtured and inspired mind and I’m ever so proud of them.

I guess I have some romantic idea that when I die someone will go through my virtual files and find my genius among my quote collection and forever will my name live on for posterity.  Though when I’m back down on earth I realise the truth is that once I’m gone my virtual world will be forgotten or deleted.

When this happened today I was sad, then upset, then angry.  There is still a residual melancholy about it and what I’ve lost in terms of my inspirational directory.  True I can start creating a sequel, but it will be different since there is no way I can recall over five years of my scribbling.  But in the big scheme of things this isn’t as important as real life.  True the quotes can sum up a feeling or thought very succinctly, but they are mere words on a page and can’t be there to hug my friend who just got diagnosed with breast cancer or drink a toast with my friend who just got contracted to write for television.









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